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Wednesday, January 28, 2004 
All the news that we feel like telling you 
There has, as you may have heard, been bad weather here in the northeastern U.S. Those of us in the northeastern U.S. have certainly been hearing about it, much more than we actually need to.

Today, J. woke me up at 7:30 and told me the Today Show, which usually starts at 7, had been preempted till 8 by a "Special Edition" (i.e., a snow edition) of the local news, which he reported thus:
J.: "Hey, it snowed! Hey, it's snowing! Hey, there's snow!" And all they've said about the New Hampshire primaries is "Kerry won, Dean came in second, and then there were some other guys. We're not going to tell you about them. Fuck you. Hey, it snowed!"

Me (picking up the thread): "What, you care about that shit? We'll tell you what to think!"
And, for heaven's sake, it snowed all of two inches. The schools weren't even closed. Two inches of snow, in January, in Philadelphia, is not special-edition-worthy news.

(Here's a screenshot of the local station's Web page, in all its snow-oriented glory. I saved the image with the logical name "snowscreen.jpg," and didn't realize till afterwards that it's appropriate in more than one way...)

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