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Tuesday, December 16, 2003 
A whale of a funeral 
This is perhaps not ironic, but certainly counterintuitive: the Free Willy Keiko Foundation, which campaigned for the (sadly late) orca movie star to be released into the ocean, has now successfully campaigned for him to be buried on land. In a very, very big hole. (Insert willy/hole joke here.)

What I want to know is, what do they think is going to happen to that six-ton body? If it's been embalmed, it's got to be filled with such a huge amount of chemicals that it can't possibly be good for the environment. And if not, I'm sorry, it's going to rot. They're going to have a 30-foot-long, 15-foot-deep hole full of ever-more-foul-smelling decomposing flesh. And either way, I am not going to visit that grave.

(Since it's in Norway, the freezing weather may preserve the body in a reasonably stench-free state for a long time; still, it seems like a remarkably bad thing to do with a corpse of that size, especially one belonging to an animal that—are you with me, Free Willy Keiko Foundation?—belongs to a sea creature. You were clear on that when he was alive; why did you change your minds, and your mindset, now that he's dead?)

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