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Thursday, December 04, 2003 
Temperature, inside and out 
So it's finally gotten around to being cold; which, regardless of your feelings about cold weather, at least has the advantage of being seasonable. It's just weird having 75° weather in November; and I was completely not in holiday-shopping mode. ("Christmas presents? Why? It doesn't feel like it's getting close to Christmas. Oh...twenty-eight days? Crap.")

Yesterday morning, outside: 18°. Yesterday afternoon, in our house: 60°—the heater was being uncooperative. J. fiddled with the heater and by bedtime it was up to an entirely acceptable 70°.

This morning, outside: 30°. This morning, in my office: 80°. Eighty? I'd almost prefer 30; I'd certainly prefer 60. At least when it's cold you can always put on more clothing; when it's hot, there's a limit to how much clothing you can take off, especially when you're at work. I wish I'd worn a t-shirt under my long-sleeved shirt and sweater and coat, so I wouldn't be sitting here feeling almost faint with the heat.

Just something in the middle would be fine. Really. The average of 60 and 80, the average of 30 and 80...just something bearable, not too extreme one way or the other. Haven't we reached a sufficiently advanced stage of technology that the weather inside doesn't have to be frightful?

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