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Thursday, November 20, 2003 
We are not amused 
Okay, I am really disliking whoever's sending zillions of spam messages from my domain name. First of all, it sucks in general; and second, I'm getting all the delivery-failed messages bounced back to me, and having 200 messages of that sort in my inbox is a) a pain in the ass and b) using up big chunks of my allotted megabytes.

I thought I'd taken care of it yesterday by changing all my passwords (twice), and indeed it had tapered off by the end of the day, but this morning I had over 300 returned-to-sender spams. Grrr snarl snap. So I changed my passwords again, and for good measure set up my e-mail aliases so that only the ones I specified would get forwarded to me; the "anything at zhaba dot com" ones—all the "rj_zipwinder-2983-blargthorp86" bogus spam ones—are getting deleted, baby. So whatever happens, I'm not going to see them.

To anyone more hack-savvy than me: Any and all advice is welcome.

To anyone getting spams from my domain name: It's not me.

To the spammer(s): You are so, so lame. A pox on all your IP addresses, and may your servers be infiltrated by wire-eating insects.

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Yes, that's me.


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