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Friday, November 07, 2003 
On the news 
Herewith, the top stories on my local TV news yesterday: an update on the couple who [allegedly] starved four of their adopted children; an update on a baby found abandoned on a doorstep; a woman on trial for [allegedly] binding her (former) foster children with duct tape (although her [former] husband was the one who wrapped them up like mummies and took pictures); and a baby who was mauled by the family Rottweiler. And that's all just on one half-hour newscast.

And on the national news? The partial-birth abortion ban.

Now, I am not saying that abortion would have been preferable to bringing the children in the above-mentioned stories into the world; but that, if the Bush administration is so all-fired concerned about the welfare of children, maybe they should be paying more attention to what happens in the world those children were brought into. Okay?

A quote from Bush's speech when he signed the ban: "The real issue is not when life begins, but when love begins." Excuse me, Mr. President, but all too often life begins and love doesn't. Is there anything you can sign to change that?

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