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Sunday, October 26, 2003 
Back in action 
Finally my server is letting me post again...it was apparently under the impression that, because my domain name expired last year on 10/24, it also expired this year on 10/24, even though I renewed for two years on 9/24. And they say computers are good with numbers.

Anyway. All seems to be well in file-transfer-protocol and universal/uniform-resource-locator land, although all is not necessarily well in real-life-land. My brother's new house turns out to have had an addition that not only had termites, but was also not actually attached either to the ground or the roof, so he had to get the whole back of the house taken off. Now there's some plywood and plastic sheeting over the door to where the kitchen used to be, and the tiny South Philly back"yard" is full of concrete and timber and building materials. Oy. At least the temperature isn't regularly below freezing yet; the contractor says they'll be done by Thanksgiving. Probably. (You'd think the home inspector would either have caught it or would have to pay some money for not catching it, but apparently not; the only way to detect it would have been to put a hole in the wall, and home inspectors are generally not allowed to do that.)

So my parents and J. and I were over there again today, scraping paint and wallpaper and spackling the living room and hallway. Wall-scraping is actually kind of fun; it's the same guilty pleasure as peeling a sunburn or picking a scab, except no one looks at you funny for doing it. The primate grooming instinct, writ large and extended to interior design...

(I think I have an especially strong primate grooming instinct. I'm almost categorically incapable of leaving a pimple unsqueezed or an ingrown hair unplucked, although at least now I don't go after them on other people...)

(I occasionally think I should have been a dermatologist; then I think of exactly how bad some dermatologic conditions can get, and I'm glad I didn't.)

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