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Friday, September 19, 2003 
In the movies 
The New York Times review of the new Woody Allen movie (that would be "Anything Else") has come right out and said what I imagine we've all been thinking:
It helps that Mr. Allen, whom I am alarmed to find looking more like my late grandfather every time I see him, has declined to cast himself as the romantic lead.
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I realize that Allen's wife is young enough to be his...oh, wait, she is his daughter. (Adopted, I know. It's still creepy.) But just because he still gets the babes in his personal life doesn't mean anyone wants to see him getting the babes on screen. Especially since he doesn't have the dubious qualification of being a particularly attractive aging actor. (I can see how babes would dig, say, Harrison Ford. But Woody Allen? Yeesh.)

I also like the line at the end of the review, where they sum up the reasons for the R rating:
It has many sexual references and a few sex scenes—none of them, thank goodness, featuring the director.
Again I say, a big ol' "yes" to that...

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