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Thursday, September 11, 2003 
As for today... 
  • Looks like the newscasters have gotten around the "can't wear patriotic stuff because it's not journalistically neutral" by wearing black today.

    (I don't know what they're wearing on the Fox "News" Channel, though. And no, I'm not going to go check.)

  • Just about everyone else I saw was wearing some degree or combination of red, white, or blue; of course, I'm in South Philly, where patriotism is right up there with Catholicism. I tried to count the patriotic insignia on the houses on one block and lost track halfway down. The ne plus ultra (on that block, at least) was definitely the house with the picture of Jesus casting rays of red, white, and blue light.

  • Fortunately for the entertainment industry, a quirk of the calendar means that September 11th will move from Thursday this year to Saturday next year; it won't fall on a Friday until 2009. So it'll be a while before anyone has to promote a movie by saying "Get ready for a fun-filled, laugh-a-minute ride when [whatever] opens on September 11th!" (I'm not sure that would dissuade the entertainment industry in any case...)

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