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Monday, August 04, 2003 
Spiny mice 
Well, it turns out J. and I aren't as good at sexing spiny mice as we thought. (No, that doesn't mean anything kinky; it just means determining their genders.) After the last population explosion (one male in a cage with three females, one of whom got pregnant twice), we tried to separate the males from the females; we kept the females, and the males became office mascots. (As recorded in an entry back in May.) And there didn't appear to be any frisky business going on. Until, two nights ago, I went in to feed our "females" and discovered that there were three babies. And many of the other adults were looking pretty darn pregnant. Oops...

So last night we rounded up the males, and I think we were successful this time. It looks like there's four pregnant females; it could be worse. The office mice don't have any babies, and none of them look pregnant, so hopefully we won't wind up with more than we bargained for here. Although I suppose it would make the office more interesting.

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