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Tuesday, August 12, 2003 
Power: off. On. Off. On. Off. Fuck it. 
(Cross-post from my journal.)

Bozhe moy. Herewith, today's timetable:

8:45: Get to office.
9:00: Start work.
11:00: Go to store for lunch.
11:10: Get back to office, start eating lunch. Prepare to do lunchtime e-mail and online mucking-about.
11:15: Power goes out. All of it. The entire block. The next block over. Everything.
11:20: Go outside and finish eating. Talk to coworkers, walk around the block, wish I had something to read. Call J., tell him I can't e-mail.
11:45: Word comes that the source of the power failure is 9th and Lombard—seven blocks west and about ten blocks north—and won't be back on for an hour.
11:50: Boss tells us all to go to lunch and be back in an hour. Then he goes to do some errands.
11:55: Go to bus stop. Wait.
12:15: No bus in sight. Coworker walks by and tells me power's back on.
12:20: Back in office. Turn on computer, load workstation. Decide that although I haven't done any work since 11, I didn't really have a full lunch break—I need my time online, dammit!—and do some mucking-about.
12:30: Power goes off. "Oh shit," we say.
12:31: Muck about office looking for something to read. Ponder wisdom of drinking beer in fridge. (Boss still absent.)
12:45: Power comes on.
12:46: Upload all the files I'm working on to my own server, so I can work at home if need be. Start to e-mail J.
12:50: Power goes off. "Oh, give me a fucking break," we say.
12:51: I announce I'm going home, taking the Chicago Manual of Style with me, and working from there.
1:00 and after: Take bus. Get home. Turn on air conditioning. Turn on computer. Download files. E-mail J. Post this.

It was really rather depressing to realize exactly how little there was to do without power. No work, obviously. But also no e-mail, no blogging/journaling, no reading news, no playing games, no listening to music...

(Yes, I work at a publishing company, but that doesn't mean there's anything to read. Either it's stuff I've edited and am thoroughly sick of, or stuff I'm not interested in, like science textbooks and evangelical magazines.)

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