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Friday, August 08, 2003 
Hey, I'm not unattractive! 
I've lost quite a bit of weight (25 pounds since January 1st, last time I checked), and have been dressing more...interestingly (i.e., not trying to hide everything from my ribcage to my knees), and today I wore one of my more...interesting tops (close-fitting and pretty low-cut), and I got a "Hi, gorgeous" and a wolf whistle on the way to work, and turned at least one head on the way to lunch. Blah blah objectification blah blah being shallow blah blah men are pigs shut up. It's just nice to get some evidence that, hey, I'm not unattractive.

(Nothing like being a depressed, anemic, overweight teenager to make you feel like pond scum for the rest of your life. My weight's fluctuated wildly with every medication I've taken; I gained forty pounds on Lithium, and was so miserable I told my psychiatrist, "I hate myself more on this medication than I did when I was untreated." Zoloft took off about thirty pounds, mania took off fifteen more, recovering from mania and a variety of bipolar-treating drugs put on fifty, Ritalin took off ten....so at various points I've been more or less unattractive, and at some points even pretty darn hot, but I've never really internalized the idea.)

But anyway. I'm not unattractive. Go me.

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