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Thursday, July 17, 2003 
It's for your own good 
I'm all for preventing terrorists from blowing things up, but really; citing 9/11 as a reason to ban outside food from the new Eagles stadium? Why not just say "We're a bunch of price-gouging bastards" and leave it at that? But no, that hoagie you bought down the block could be a weapon of mass destruction. It's for your own good.
In a testy press conference at the Eagles' South Philadelphia training facility, [team president Joe Banner] accused critics of putting snack food ahead of fan safety.

"You're putting the fans' lives at danger," Banner said.


Was he worried about terrorists smuggling a bomb inside an Italian hoagie?

Banner wouldn't say. Visibly annoyed, he stormed out of the briefing.
Yes, I bet he did. Don't you hate it when people refuse to go blindly and unquestioningly along with your ridiculous, self-centered, completely dumbass regulations?

Just say it. Try it out first. "We're a bunch of price-gouging bastards, and we own the stadium, so fuck you." Was that so hard?

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