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Thursday, July 17, 2003 
For your own good, part 2 
My boss just got back from Florida, whereto and from he traveled on U.S. Airways. He spent a good half-hour this morning on the phone trying to get a refund, or at least some kind of recompense, for their delaying his flight and losing his luggage. And he pointed out that, if you complain while you're on the plane, or even near the plane, or even in the airport, it's a federal offense; or at least it'll be treated as one. But, you know, it's for your own good. You let people say "Hey, this flight's an hour late and my luggage is on a tarmac in Atlanta," and next thing you know they'll be saying "Death to the capitalist pig infidels!" and starting uprisings in economy class.

(J. and I are flying U.S. Air to Miami tomorrow, and this has not made me very optimistic about it. We're not going to check any luggage, which should help, unless they decide we're running drugs in our prescription medication bottles.)

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