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Tuesday, July 01, 2003 
This whole "working at work" thing really takes up a lot of time...

Looks like I might not be able to take Thursday off, as I'd planned (I need to [finally] get a Pennsylvania driver's license and change my name on my bank account), and might have to take work home over the weekend. Feh. The book I'm working on is appallingly written, and it's taking forever. It doesn't help that the chapters are an average of sixty pages long. And they contain sentences like this:
They report the findings in detail but, taking data from one table, this indicates that for all but students the first priority value of professionals from different sectors of librarianship was service to the user. 62.5% of the law librarians recorded the highest percentage—and after the students, the library school faculty.
Law librarians recorded the highest percentage of what? Or is 62.5% the highest percentage of librarians whose priorities were students, and those librarians were law librarians? And are students not users? Bozhe moy...

Oh well; gotta do that Work Thing. Feh. More later, if I ever have time...

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